Wedding Day Service

Q: How long will makeup and hair services take on my wedding day?

A: The answer is, it depends! Please see below for more information.

-Bridal Hair & Makeup: 3 hours
-Bridal Hair Only: 1-2 hours
-Bridal Makeup Only: 1.5-2 hours
BRIDAL PARTY: depends on size; see below
-Five or less bridesmaids/mothers: 3.5-4 hours
-Six or Seven: 4-5 hours
-Seven or More: 5+ hours

Q: Do I need to set up anything at said location/hotel on wedding day?

A: We will let you know a week before your wedding what we need, but we generally request:
-A “set up” table/work area with a clear surface so we can place all of our tools and makeup
-Working electrical outlets for hair appliances
-3-4 chairs for the bridal party
-Ample lighting (natural light preferred)

Q: Who will my artist be on my wedding day?

A: Whoever does your trial will always be your artist on your wedding day. She will be the stylist who completes BOTH your hair and makeup. The only time this ever changes is if there are accidents or illnesses, during which we will replace them with another senior stylist from our team. We will never leave you without a stylist, and don’t worry: Flora trains every stylist on the team, so everyone will be properly equipped to complete your big day look. (That’s why you want to hire a team like us, rather than a one or two-person makeup artist company!)

Q: If I am not booking touch-up services from you, how should I touch up my own makeup and hair on my wedding day?

A: We want you to be worry-free throughout the day. That's why we skillfully utilize long-lasting, water resistant makeup products to ensure that your makeup stand up to elements for a good long day. Additionally, all bridal packages include a Deluxe Touch Up Kit to help you stay fresh.

Q: What is included in the Deluxe Touch Up Kit?

A: Powder/Press Powder, lipstick, Q-tips, straws, and bobby pins.